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da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy and Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (DVP)
This is also a minimally invasive procedure that allows for the entire operation to be performed through very small skin incisions.  There is faster recovery and little pain, since open surgery is avoided.  A small telescope is placed into the abdomen through the umbilicus and pencil thin instruments are introduced via small incisions in the abdomen.  The operation is performed by the surgeon controlling these microscopic instruments, gently freeing the prostate and seminal vesicles and avoiding trauma to the surrounding tissue.  The prostate and seminal vesicles are removed intact (in one piece) and delivered outside the body through the umbilicus.  Lymph nodes are similarly removed.  The bladder is then attached back to the urethra.  Nerve Sparing Prostatectomy is accurately accomplished to maintain the patient's pre-surgical level of sexual function.

This procedure has been made more precise using the state-of-the-art daVinci S surgical system.  This computer enhanced surgical system is comprised of two components, robotic arms that hold the pencil thin surgical instruments, and a surgeon' s console that controls the robotic arms.  The robot's surgical instruments move to the direction of the surgeon's hands, while the surgeon views the operative field through a 3-D TV screen.  The tips of these tiny instruments have six degrees of freedom, allowing for movements like a tiny wrist around the prostate.  Non-robotic surgical instruments (open or laparoscopic) cannot move in this manner and do not have this degree of range of motion and flexibility.  The highly magnified 3-D viewing screen allows the surgeon to feel "immersed" within the patient, thereby aiding in the differentiation between healthy and diseased tissue.  In effect the surgeon accurately removes the prostate and pelvic lymph nodes, while preserving the vital structures such as the neurovascular bundles responsible for erections and pelvic floor muscles responsible for quick recovery of bladder control.

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